We create XR simulators of processes, equipment and machinery for employee training

We are full-service XR agency that creates EdTech products for business
Professional Simulators
Core Services
Creating XR solutions for training students and employees:

-VR training simulators
-Dynamic platform simulators
-Immersive Ed installations
-Learning management systems

XR Development
Immersive technology for interactive communication purposes

-AR Marketing
-Custom marketing installation
-VR for presentation
-360 video tours
-Innovative hardware projects

Providing world-class technologies
Only time-tested solutions are used to build the project architecture. This saves time and resources on development, provides reliability and performance.
XR Platforms
Meta Quest series
Pico NEO series
VIVE series
For full body tracking
For lightweight application
For MR application
Mind games Software is software and hardware development studio. We developing programs and graphics for virtual and augmented reality. We creating projects to demonstrate the capabilities of your product in VR. We use tracking technologies, 3D mapping, AI algorithms, create custom hardware devices and controllers.

We work for the result. The main goal for us is satisfied customers. We provide our methodologist or business analyst for the project, who will research requirements, develop the target audience. We will offer the best solution for your project without breaking the bank.
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